1》 the solid surface of the earth.
    ↘land of a specified kind: marshy ground.
    ↘an area of land or sea with a specified use: fishing grounds.
    ↘(grounds) an area of enclosed land surrounding a large building.
    ↘Brit. the floor of a room.
2》 (grounds) factors forming a basis for action or the justification for a belief.
3》 a prepared surface to which paint or other decoration is applied.
    ↘a substance used to prepare a surface for painting.
    ↘a piece of wood fixed to a wall as a base for boards, plaster, or joinery.
4》 (grounds) solid particles, especially of coffee, which form a residue.
5》 N. Amer. electrical connection to the earth.
1》 prohibit or prevent (a pilot or aircraft) from flying.
    ↘informal (of a parent) refuse to allow (a child) to go out socially, as a punishment.
2》 run (a ship) aground.
3》 (usu. be grounded in) give a firm theoretical or practical basis to.
    ↘[as adjective grounded] well balanced and sensible.
4》 place on the ground or touch the ground with.
5》 N. Amer. connect (an electrical device) with the ground.
be thick (or thin) on the ground exist in large (or small) numbers or amounts.
break new ground be innovative.
gain ground
1》 become more popular.
2》 (usu. gain ground on) get closer to someone being pursued.
get off the ground start happening or functioning successfully.
give (or lose) ground retreat or lose one's advantage.
go to ground (of a fox or other animal) enter its earth or burrow.
↘(of a person) hide or become inaccessible.
hold (or stand) one's ground not retreat or lose one's advantage.
on the ground in a place where real, practical work is done.
on one's own ground in one's own territory or area of knowledge.
work (or run) oneself into the ground exhaust oneself by working or running very hard.
OE grund, of Gmc origin.
past and past participle of grind.

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